Our Mission

Startup Mountain and Startup Island are complementing the startup event space with fresh format, new venues and a mission to facilitate cross-border and cross-field collaboration within regional startup ecosystem. Distinctly set away from business offices, home offices and conference halls, we aim to provide the time and the place needed for meaningful and genuine connections to form. Logistics for these events is done by Pasadena, Slovenia based IT& management book publisher. It's been more than 30 years since its first titles like MS-DOS (what's this?) were printed (yes, that was in the paper era). By introducing this pair of events, Pasadena is doubling down on its mission to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience of innovators and experts. Our two priorities are the quality of information exchanged and the well-being of our guests.

Startup Island and Startup Mountain Now

Fast forward to 2024, Pasadena is reviving Startup Island, rejuvenating its essence, and coupling it with the new Startup Mountain. The event brothers, held approximately every half a year, are to function like a backbone of the industry, which is growing and maturing. While Startup Island will continue its legacy in Croatian seaside, Startup Mountain introduces a winter edition set in Slovenia's award-winning Krvavec mountain resort. Startup Mountain and Startup Island are envisioned not just as conferences but as places where business and friendship merge into one. Join us in this venture as we build bridges across the startup ecosystem, one mountain and island at a time.

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